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Nother new song out.

2011-04-04 00:00:31 by Noyztank

Made a dark DnB / Dubstep song. Checks it outs: Shadow Surge

New Song

2011-01-28 18:02:22 by Noyztank

Finally got around to making another song. Go check it out!

The Demon Released


2010-02-06 14:55:54 by Noyztank

Gave FL another few tries and got better. Made a bunch of better songs, lacking internet as of now though. Will Upload when I get the chance. -edit: remastered 'Loop'd'... Sounds a lot better now, not 'ear-rapish' any more. Yeah, will upload everything when i get the chance.


2009-12-30 05:37:41 by Noyztank

Just uploaded a little loop. Prob my first/last of that genre. If I upload anything else it'll be metal (the stuff I'm good at), and it'll be a ways down the road.